Design Now, design and build websites, design printed marketing materials and work on branding strategies. We work on strategies for specialist industries, such as robotics, sound engineering and environmental campaigns.


Based in Dorset and working across the UK and beyond.

Richard Keenan is my name. I began working in Marketing and Communications in 2001 and Design Now came about when I moved from Sheffield to Dorset in 2011. You may notice phrases like ‘we do this …’ or ‘contact us’, strewn about this website.

Design Now is ME, but with a host of other freelancer creative types who work on parts of projects as and when. So if a project or website needs video content, specialist illustration or photography, there are people to make that happen. This enables me to work on both small projects, such as web design for individual or small business and scale up for larger projects.

We have worked for both large and small companies, covering the Arts, Local Government, Charities and NGO’s and a variety of commercial businesses.

If you want to discuss you ideas or company needs, please get in touch … we are always happy to chat through your ideas and if we can help, provide a quote. If we can’t take on the work, we probably know someone who can.

Current and past clients, and collaborations