Noyes Fludde


Orchestival, led by Conductor Charles Hazlewood presented this one-off performance of Benjamin Britten’s Noyes Fludde, along with Kneehigh Theatre.

My job was to come up with the branding, website and flyers. The logo came about as a play on a flood warning sign, with the water symbol altered to represent sound waves.

The website features two sections, with the second branded for educational purposes, with a different logo and pop up newsletter pages.

The branding was recreated on posters and flyers, and even a hot air balloon.

The event took place in July 2014 and was full of drama as you’d expect from Kneehigh and all the others involved.

Project Spec

Client: Orchestival Ltd.
Services: Web Development / Branding, Graphic Design, Print Management
Date: 2014

What They Say

“I really hope we can work together more in the future, I completely trust Richard to take on a concept and deliver every detail with flair”

Ellen Velázquez, Orchestival Ltd.