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This is the latest news on Design Now projects, along with some helpful thoughts and ideas for both the online and offline worlds.


Lego Wall

It was summer, 2015. At the end of K’s arm, was her hand, which was gripping a heavy metal hammer - And that was the end of the old brick wall. Below you can see how things were looking after the first few taps with the hammer. For a few months, space...

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Holiday Snaps

Five photographs from recent trip to Orkney, via Loch Lomond and returning through Teeside. Orkney was fab by the way ... just in case these photos don't suggest it. Swift, Loch Lomond The Scottish Highlands The Rings of Brodgar, Orkney Phonebox, Kirkwall,...

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Ethical Banking

I always smile when I hear this phrase. Anyway, maybe there is one bank that can make the claim. I have recently signed up with the Triodos Bank. They are based in Bristol and have been around for a while, offering ethical savings accounts. They have recently begun...

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Net Neutrality

If you're not aware of the net neutrality battles in the US, it's worth taking at least a passing interest. Net neutrality is about everyone having access to the same internet. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently overturned rules...

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WordPress and Support

Wordpress is the content management system (CMS) that we use for building a lot of websites with. Self-hosted Wordpress websites (rather than the 'free' blogs hosted at Wordpress dot com) make up 18-20% of all Websites globally. This is due to a whole load of factors...

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Wi-Fi Security

This is some general information, which has been picked up in the main stream media (links below) but not reported that widely as far as I can see. And it is quite important. Some folks at a Belgium University have found a way to hack pretty much all wi-fi enabled...

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