If you’re not aware of the net neutrality battles in the US, it’s worth taking at least a passing interest. Net neutrality is about everyone having access to the same internet. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently overturned rules brought in by President Obama, to ensure everyone has access to the same internet.

Whilst this doesn’t initially, directly effect the UK or the Rest of the World, you can guarantee that this will be discussed here and in other countries, in the not to distant future. In simple terms, it hands over more power to large companies such as Facebook and Google. Most rational people seem to think net neutrality is a good thing 🙂 and whilst there’s nothing to be done at the moment, it’s worth understanding what might happen for your online business and the internet as a whole, if the same situation occurred in your country. See links below for more background.

Channel Four – Net neutrality: should we be worried?
(Good straight-forward explanation, through written before the act was repealed by the FCC)

New York Times – FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules
(More recent background – gives you a sense of some of the issues)

(Image from British Museum archive: This early neutrality machine worked well until it was sold to Google.)