WordPress is the content management system (CMS) that we use for building a lot of websites with. Self-hosted WordPress websites (rather than the ‘free’ blogs hosted at WordPress dot com) make up 18-20% of all Websites globally. This is due to a whole load of factors including a very strong core development team, thousands of developers building plugins which enable all the specialist features you might need, and a reasonably manageable page editor.

The downside of WordPress is that being an open source system with lots of ‘add-ons’, it has to be maintained with the latest versions of the system which often include security releases. Doing updates in WordPress is as simple as pressing the update button. HOWEVER, depending on the complexity of your site, things can go wrong with a site following updates. This is often because the framework or plugins installed no longer get on with the latest WordPress update. For this reason, Design Now offers annual maintenance support to take care of this updating process and keep your site functioning properly. Previously we have included site updates along with general site support, but this can be a bit expensive for small businesses or individuals, so we are going to offer a stand-alone update and security maintenance contract for those who are comfortable editing their sites and just need the reassurance us to deal with site security.

In 2018, we are hoping to launch a dedicated WordPress support business with ability to buy help and training by the hour and we hope, time / weather permitting, to start to produce some online training courses for some of the most common WordPress frameworks and features we use.

More details to follow on all the above, in due course, in the fullness of time etc etc. Please contact us if you need help NOW.

Forbes Article on WordPress : Dec 2016
(a reasonably lighthearted bit of background on WordPress from the twits at Forbes)

(Image from Adobe Stock: One of the main pipes of the internet, inc. emergency shut-off valve – useful if you need to trouble shoot WordPress update compatibility issues.)